Reduction in the Feed in tariff coincides with reduction in equipment costs.

Although the Feed in tariff has now gone down to 14.5p, the cost of equipment has also come down. With a typical 4kW Solar PV system now costing around £5000+vat. With returns of between 12 and 16% this is still a good time to install a Solar PV system. 

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    We have been called by several customers recently worried by calls, and letters they have received from companies offering a supposed free maintenance check of their solar system, or offering to upgrade their current solar inverter with a more efficient product. These sales companies have even told customers that MCS have provided their contact details. 

    Please be assured that MCS do not give out customer contact details - and the old adage seems to be true 'if something sounds too good to be true - it probably is'.

    We recommend that an inverter be swapped only when it has been become faulty, the systems do not need any servicing or maintenance.